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rhetorical whale

random words and images

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Q. What's this?

A. A community created by lautreamax, to be used for random posts combining images and text.

Q. Who's lautreamax?

A. I am.

Q. Why is it called rhetorical whale?

A. Because I think it's a funny name.

Q. But what does it mean?

A. Nothing.

Q. Then why did you choose it?

A. Because I think it's a funny name.

Q. So the name has absolutly nothing to do with the content of this community?

A. No, nothing.

Q. What is this community about?

A. Nothing.

Q. Can I join?

A. Yes, as long as you follow the rules.

Q. There are rules?

A. Yes.

Q. What are the rules?


1. Every post must include a single image and a single paragraph.

2. The image can be of anything you like. It can be a photograph, a scan, a picture stolen from the internet, anything.

3. The paragraph can be as long or as short as you like. It can be a single sentence. Preferably, it should be more than a single word, though.

4. The text can be something you wrote or something you stole. It can be about anything or about nothing at all.

5. Please don't reveal the source of either the image or the text. Resist the urge to explain why you choose them, or what the relationship between the two is, or even if there is a relationship at all.

6. Others can comment and discuss the entries, and the "author" of the entry can join in, as long as she or he doesn't break the above rules.

7. Post as often or as seldom as you like.

8. No LJ cuts.

9. No friends-only posts.

Q. What's the point of all this?

A. There is no point.


PS: The community was inspired by is a ripoff of another community, which no longer exists and of which I was never a member. I tried to make it somewhat different, but I was too in love with the original concept of randomness and lack of explanation to diverge from it completely. Please, no cynical comments about how this community, like the previous one, will eventually degenerate into a big stinking pile of shit. If that ever happens, I'll deal with it then. Meanwhile, enjoy.
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